20 March 2015


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Algarve Restaurants

Algarve restaurants serving traditional Portuguese food tend to be quite plain but rustic with none of the sophisticated surroundings associated with more up-market international ones. But that’s okay, as it is more in keeping with the food that they serve.

You’ll find that restaurant portion sizes can be quite generous. Great if you’ve got a large appetite, but don’t be afraid of asking for a half-portion (meia-dose) if you’re not that hungry.

Service in Algarve restaurants is not always the fastest, but you will find staff very friendly. They also love children, so no problems taking your little ones out to eat with you.

When it comes to the bill, a service charge is not usually included on the bill and tipping is at your discretion. If you do, then 10% is more than adequate, but anywhere from 5% upwards will do.

Be aware that many Algarve restaurants, even some of the bigger more popular ones, do not accept credit cards. Hard to believe in this day and age. So check with the restaurant before you sit down if this is your only form of payment. 
Fuseta Holiday Home for Rent

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